Erasmus+ success Story

Erasmus+ success Story


• Educational institution student is from: Red Cross College of Nimes

• Place where student went in practice: Cardiology Chirurgical Intensive Care Unit, Pauls Stradiņš Hospital, ORL Unit, Children Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Children Hospital

• How long was your practice: 10 weeks

• Why did use choose to participate in Erasmus exchange in Red Cross Medical College (RCMC) in Rīga? I chose Latvia because I wanted to discover this country as I have never been to it before. I also wanted to experience cold weather and to improve an occasion of practicing winter sport.

• What are the main benefits of your practice time in Riga, Latvia? The main benefits of my practice in Latvia are discovering a new way of patient care and identifying the differences of practice between our two countries.

• What where the brightest / biggest moments during your exchange? There where many good moments during my practice. Some moments in the hospital with the staff, like the days when we shared pancake and coffee with the head nurse and nurse of the intensive care of cardiologic surgery. I also experienced some nice moments at the “Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs” bar and in the “Rozengrāls” restaurant.

• What would be the things you could suggest to others, your advice for next students coming to RCMC? I would suggest having fun and being curious. Visit also countries around Latvia, at least Lithuania and Estonia. And also, to maybe not come back directly home after the internship, but to finish by a road trip. The bus company, Lux Express offers frequent services from Riga.